Scared or aggressive dog issues? We can help.

Puppy & Aggressive Dog Training Around Branson, Missouri

Do you have issues with a scared or aggressive dog? We can help!

Puppy Training & Care

Aggressive Dog Training

We’ll train your puppy so you can enjoy spending time with a well behaved pup from now on!

It’s important to stop aggression issues before they become long-term behaviour problems in adulthood. We’ll cover the critical basics like chewing, biting, basic manners and potty training.

Aggressive dogs are scary and can make being sociable difficult. Let us address the issues and nip them in the bud.

If you or your dog has fear issues, we can help.  We can train your dog to manage the fear that can lead to aggression, and even teach them to enjoy grooming and dog care. Think of how much stress this can alleviate for YOU and your dog!

Why work with Project Potential to train your Branson, MO puppy?

  • Reclaim your home through better potty training, reduced biting and chewing, and better socialization.
  • Gain peace of mind by letting us prepare your dog for a lifetime of good behavior.
  • We make it convenient, and will even provide pick-ups and drop-offs, with training and socialization in between!
  • Feel the relief of not worrying about puppy training, and alleviate the guilt that comes from not taking the necessary steps. We’ll make it easy and we’ll do training the right way… for you.
  • Preventing aggression is our expertise. We know how to handle it, and will do so gently and humanely.

The Results?

  • Calm dogs that you can enjoy and take anywhere with you!


Contact Us, and Let’s Get Started on Training!

Tovah Reister – Owner & Trainer, Branson, MO




Meet puppy training expert, Tovah Riester, CTC

When it comes to puppy or aggressive dog training in Branson, MO, Tovah is both a natural and well educated. She is a graduate of the elite Academy for Dog trainers, known as the ‘Harvard of dog training schools’.

Tovah has personal experience with working with an aggressive adult dog who was the product of poor puppy socialization. As a result, she has dedicated her training career to helping other pet owners to solve these issues during the critical puppy years when it’s an option. Her goal is that all pet parents enjoy having the best canine companion possible, and knows that when training is done right, there is every potential to alleviate fear-based aggression in your adult dog.

Learn more about Tovah’s credentials and training approach.

Tovah Reister Puppy Trainer Branson MO
Academy for Dog Trainer's Graduate
Proud Member of the Association for Force-Free Professionals
Fear Free Certified Professional
Proud Member of the Association for Force-Free Professionals
Proud Member of the Association for Force-Free Professionals
Dog Tec Business Code of Ethics Pledge

Aggressive dog training and coaching, including food, grooming, and veterinarian aggression


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